Custom Design vs Template Design

Do you choose Custom Design or Template

When it comes to getting a new website you have options, LOTS of options. Two of the more common options that generally come up when deciding what type of website you require is Custom Designed Websites over Template Design Websites.

So what's the difference?

Custom Design

Custom Design basically means you get a unique website designed specifically tailored to your business brand and ideals. You get exactly what you want down to the last little design element. Custom designs can then be integrated into our Content Management Systems (CMS). 


  • You get a unique website design that no one else in the world has. 
  • Our Designers create the site and userflow to your exact requirements


  • You pay a premium with Custom designed website as designers need to create a design from the website brief. Then they present 2-3 options which get selected, modified and tweaked until you get the desired result.

Template Design

Template Designs are websites that are predesigned and provide a platform to add in you company logo, colour schemes and massage it to make it your own.  Template websites are very affordable and when done right look just as good as the Custom design sites


  • Cost effective
  • Quick build times


  • Not as flexible in design as Custom websites.
  • Other companies could have a similar looking site if they chose the same template