Custom Web Design Vs. DIY

When you are setting up a web-based business, one of the first questions is: do I find someone who can do custom web designs or can I create my own web design.

by Stephen Grisham, Sr.

When you are setting up a web-based business, one of the first questions is: do I find someone who can do custom web designs or can I create my own web design. This is a critical question because your web page is the only way your potential customers will know you or be able to have access to your products. A bad web page design can cause you to lose business.

People may think that they will save time and money if they do their own web design. How hard can it be? After all there is software you can use to create your own web page. Yet, in the long run, what will be saved? Is it worth it to avoid spending time and money on something at the beginning and then have a web page that is not effective?

While anyone can make a website, it takes a special set of skills to design a good website. Custom web design is not something that can easily be learned on the site while starting a business. It requires dedication and attention. The only businesses that should be making their own webpages are professional website designers, because it is an example of their art.

Business owners who are not already proficient in custom website design will find that they definitely need to to consult with a web design expert. There is a lot more to good website design than inputting information and pictures. Web designers need to know what looks good on the page, how to match the links, and which links to use.

A custom web site designer can help create a site that is easy to navigate and free of errors and bugs. It is very important for all of the links on your site to work, because if a customer's purchase is interrupted once, you could potentially lose the entire transaction.

Businesses who create their own websites can often have a look that comes off as cheap or unprofessional. If the elements on the page don't line up visually, it can make your business appear irresponsible or untrustworthy, and you might lose your business to another site with better design. If your website looks unprofessional, your company will appear unprofessional, and consumers might even be afraid to let you have their personal information if your website does not look neat.

Web design professionals not only make your site look good but they will save you time in the long run because you won't have to be learning what they already know. When you do it yourself, you have to do a lot of learning in order to get a high quality website. Wouldn't it be better to spend this time improving aspects of your business where you are the expert?

In sum, you would never go to an auto mechanic for a medical checkup and you would not take your BMW to a medical doctor for an oil change. Likewise, it is best to let professionals handle something as critical as the design for your web page. Getting a high quality design from the start will advance your business.

About the Author:
Stephen Grisham, Sr. is a Staff Writer for InfoServe Media, a small business website company that provides custom web design. Visit today, or call 1 (800) 838-2203 for a free quote.