Get Indexed Fast by Google To Make Money With Website Marketing

After all the time you've spent getting everything up and running, the last thing you want to do is wait for the search engine spiders -- the Google spider -- to crawl your site.

by Daryl V. Glenn

You're ready to make money with website marketing and you want to get indexed by Google as quickly as is humanly possible. Okay, I'm with you. Let's look at your options.


Google has a submission form at You just go there, put your URL in, and hit the submit button. What could be easier and more convenient?


It might be easy and convenient, but it won't get your site indexed any time soon. You'll have to wait four weeks, or six week, or eight weeks. Maybe longer. I don't know, because I haven't done it. But I've heard horror stories from friends who were eager to make money with website marketing and instead found themselves typing their domain in Google's search engine for weeks to see if it was indexed yet.


It makes sense that it would take that long, if you think about it. How many people who submit their site through Google's addurl form are waiting in line? Thousands, hundreds of thousands? Who knows. But I bet it's a lot. When you submit your site, you'll have to get in line.


Well, you don't have to take your place in line if you don't want to. You can get this whole process moving. You want to make money with website marketing, not sit around waiting forever for Google to spider your site.


Google really loves one-way links. If the links are from a so-called "authority" site, so much the better. So here it is in a nutshell: if you want to get your site indexed fast, another site has to link to your site -- preferable one with authority and page rank. "But my site is new, who's going to link to it?" you ask. Relax. Here's how you can get those links.


You've probably heard of Folk'd, MyLinkVault, Furl. They're social networking sites where people go to hang out and interact, post their favorite URLs to share them with others, comment and vote on what they like. Posting your favorite URL at one of these sites is called "bookmarking."


You can post your own website's URL at one of these sites. You have to join or register first, but that's pretty easy. Sign up and then follow the instructions on how to "bookmark" a site. Then hit the submit button. Your site will be indexed in a matter of days, or even hours. This is what I do to get my own sites indexed fast.


Google loves these social networking sites because the content is fresh and changes constantly. Day and night, the users are constantly adding sites and bookmarking. So the content-loving Google spider visits these sites super-frequently. If you've bookmarked your own URL, the spider crawls back to your site. Bingo, you're indexed. Guess what? Now you can start to market money with website marketing.


Here's a list of some of the social networking sites, with their ranking, from highest to lowest. If you Google "social networking sites" you'll no doubt find others. Just make certain they're not "nofollow" sites if you post to them.


- Slashdot - PR9


- Furl - PR7


- Spurl - PR7


- Mister-Wong - PR7


- Bibsonomy - PR 6


- Jumptag - PR6


- Searchles - PR6


- BlogHop - PR6


- Plime - PR6


- MyVmarks - PR5


- MyLinkVault - PR5


- ClipClip


- Diigo - PR4


- Complore - PR4


- A1 Webmarks - PR4


- OnMyList - PR4


Read the terms and conditions to be on the safe side. Many of the social networking sites don't take kindly to blatant advertising and might label your site as spam and close your account.


Now that you're indexed, you can start to make money with website marketing.


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