Using Article Submitting To Build Links

You likely will have already heard a little bit about link building.

by Dan Duvano


You likely will have already heard a little bit about link building. Link building (just to reiterate) is one of, if not the most important method of improving your websites search engine rank - also known as search engine optimization. Dedication to a good link building campaign can reap a huge harvest in traffic and visitor volume.


One of the things you need to consider when link building is the quality of the links to your site. For example, 1000 links from one page of an unrelated, poor quality site will do little to enhance your own sites search engine ranking. One of the best methods in getting good quality links to your site is article marketing.


You may be wondering, what are articles submissions? Well, essentially this works by you writing articles, or having someone else write them, that have to do with topics related to your website. Then you simply submit them to various article directories. At the bottom of the articles you are permitted to use a resource box that includes a call to action, you name, information about you, and even links to your site.


Article Submissions Benefits


Article submissions are very popular as a link building method, which is due to the fact that they offer other benefits aside from simply building links.


If you have any doubt about whether you should be using this method, read on discover the full range of benefits from article submission.


First benefit - Reputation


According to the quality of your writing, people will start to recognize your name and think of you as something of an expert on your topic. Assuming your articles are good, more people will reprint them on their own websites and your name will get increasing amounts of recognition.


You'll find that in order to convert visitors to customers, they will have to trust you. If you can build up that trust before they even visit, you'll be more likely to make the sales you want to.


Reason #2 - Advertise For Pennies


Article submissions, a link building method often used by link building services, also have the benefit of working like cheap advertising. Many article directories are totally free to use, and if you write the articles yourself, you'll only spend a bit of time on this type of advertising. Even if you pay someone else to write the article, you'll still find that this is a cheap method of advertising your site, not to mention link building.


Number three benefit - A superb method of marketing


Article submissions end up going far further than mere article directories. They will be republished by any number of people into weblogs, ezines, other websites and more - and all without any further effort from you. As your article continues to find its way around the internet, your personal and website brand will continue to grow.


How Article Submission Builds Your Links


Now that you understand some of the great benefits of article submissions, you may be wondering how it helps to build up links and why so many link building services use this link building method. Well, in the resource box at the end of your article, you can put in a link to your site. This means that you build links wherever you submit your article.


When people republish this article, wherever they do, they have to include the resource box and therefore provide you with yet one more link. In this way the number of links you have keeps growing organically.


So, it's easy to see why link building services often turn to article submissions. It's an excellent method that you can easily use to build links. It's cost effective, easy to get started, and it really works. If you are interested in building up links to your site, then consider trying out this method for excellent results you can count on.


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