Three Keys to Developing an Effective Website

These days, a website isn't optional. It's a necessity for any business or organization.

by Chris Robertson

These days, a website isn't optional. It's a necessity for any business or organization. A good website imparts legitimacy, communicates a clear message, disseminates information, and reaches a targeted audience. Unfortunately, many websites fall short in one or more of these goals, either due to poor website design and development, inadequate search engine optimisation, or a lack of maintenance. 

Whether you want to launch a new website, or need to redesign your existing site, it's vitally important to select your web designers and web developers carefully. Here are key factors to consider: 

1. Select a full-service company. All too often, organizations and businesses contract out their website design and development work in a piecemeal fashion, with one company doing the design, another doing the programming, a third writing content, and a fourth working on search engine optimisation. In the process, any semblance of cohesiveness falls by the wayside. The designer doesn't understand the importance of the content, the programmer messes with the design, and the optimisation expert mucks up the programming. All of these factors cause delays and cost overruns, which in turn cause you endless headaches. It's best to select one reliable full-service company that will provide you with all of the services you need and that can coordinate all aspects of your website, from domain name registration and hosting to performance optimisation and even Internet marketing. 

2. Think about long-term maintenance. A common mistake made by businesses and organizations that they don't plan for the future. You may have a beautiful, fully functional new website, but what happens a month from now, when you need to add new content or change existing information? Chances are, you either pay exorbitant ongoing development fees to have a company update your content, or your site gets stale - something that's sure to antagonize your members or customers. 

When looking for a website design firm, select one that offers a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to maintain your website on your own. With a CMS, you should be able to add an unlimited number of new pages and sub-pages; edit existing pages; place elements like text, images, and document downloads on a page; and automatically generate a sitemap. The CMS should work within a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) environment, so you or your staff members don't have to be sophisticated programmers to use the system. 

3. Combine website and search engine optimisation. You can have the most beautiful site on the web, but if no one can find it, your website might as well not exist. If you're going to spend money on website design and development, you should go the extra mile and ensure that the site is optimised for search engines, so your target audience can find it, and that the site is optimised for visitors, so that users can easily and quickly find the information they need once they reach your site. 

There are a variety of methods that can be utilized to achieve both goals, so ensure that you select a website design and development firm that can track and monitor your site's performance, provide you with recommendations for improvement, modify your site's pages and code, and perform keyword research. 

By finding the right company to work with, incorporating a CMS to minimize long-term development costs, and ensuring that your site is optimised for search engines and visitors, your website can effectively reach your target audience and communicate your message loudly and clearly. 

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