Unlimited Earning Potential With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very simple, especially if you own a website or network of websites that that receive very large quantities of traffic per month.

By Greg Shuey 

Affiliate marketing is very simple, especially if you own a website or network of websites that that receive very large quantities of traffic per month. To really turn a profit, all you need is about 500-1,000 visitors per month, which any half decent website should be able to come up with.


The trick to affiliate marketing is finding something that you users would be interested in purchasing or signing up for. It's either that, or finding a way to get them interested if you are promoting something that has nothing to do with your website. I have worked in affiliate marketing for years and have seen website approach their users in both ways that I have described above and most of them have had success either way. If you are good at what you do, you shouldn't have a problem either route you go.



I own and operate an affiliate network and have the opportunity to speak with a lot of awesome affiliates. They share their success stories and their failures with me and I would like to take a few paragraphs and try to help you have greater success in your affiliate marketing.


If you have a website and are marketing an affiliate offer related to your site, you have a pretty good chance of seeing success very quickly, with minimal effort. They key to having success is placing the offer(s) in a very visible space on the page that has the highest number of visitors per month. Some affiliates suggest to place offers in the exact same place on every page to get the maximum exposure. I live by the motto test, replace, test, replace, and test again. You will never know how the offer converts until you try it in different places on your website. After three or four tests, you should have a pretty good idea of where to place your offer for the maximum number of hits per month.


Second strategy, promoting offers that have nothing to do with your website all together. I myself, have never tried this and frankly am a bit scared to do so. Those affiliates whom I have spoken with who do this have seen success and continue to do it today. Their suggestions have always been to start a newsletter that has something to do with the offers they are marketing. They begin by collecting the email addresses of their visitors by having them opt into their daily, weekly ,or monthly newsletter. They then tailor the newsletter to focus more on what they are promoting mixed with what their website is about. It is a cash cow, when done correctly. I know a dozen affiliates who simply market through their newsletter and make anywhere from $1-2,000 per email drop.


Affiliate marketing is a great business to be in. If you have a great website and are not participating in affiliate marketing, I highly suggest it. There are hundreds of affiliate networks to choose from, all of which have different offers to run. I would suggest checking out Evolution Offers, CPA Storm, and Perfect Paycheck to name a few. Just work hard and have fun and the money will start coming.


About the Author:

Greg Shuey owns and operates Empyre Media. Empyre Media runs an affiliate network that was built specifically for affiliate marketers. They also offer Co-registration, Email Marketing, SEO, Video Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services. Visit EmpyreMedia.com for more information.