Video Marketing and SEO Money Secrets

Did you know that 52% of the content on the Internet is in the form of video? This is because a lot of business and website owners are turning to video marketing.

by Angela Jameson

Did you know that 52% of the content on the Internet is in the form of video? This is because a lot of business and website owners are turning to video marketing. They are turning to video because web surfers would much rather watch a video than read the text on a page. There is also the fact that you can reach a lot of people who have an interest in what it is your business is about. If they see a page that is full of words about your business or product, they just might hit their browser back button, but give them a video to watch and they may stay put.


The idea behind this is to reach as many web surfers as possible. That is why programs such as Traffic Geyser provide what is called video submission software that submits your video to blogs, social networking sites, and can even turn your video into a podcast. This is something that is important because you want to be exposed to millions of people without having to take thousands of hours of time.


Something else that is very important is that marketing your website with video is very affordable. Not everyone has a goldmine that they can pull money out of. Some, however, act like they do and then wonder why their bottom line is not doing so well. If they would take the time to think about how they can reduce the cost of their marketing, they could see an improvement in their bottom line.


With video marketing, a large part of the market is able to view your video. This is because of the amazement that comes with videos. They put images to what would be text if it wasnt for the video.


Something else that is fascinating about using video promotion is the fact that obtaining your video submission software is just as simple as obtaining the software that submits articles to article directories and websites to search engines. This explains how so many videos find such exposure all over the web. Those who created these videos are definitely not going to spend thousands of hours of work on submitting videos. They cant if they want to be successful because they can spend that time on the other parts of the business that is important.


Here are the things that video submission software will do: Submit your video to social bookmarking sites, social networking sites, and blogs. You can also create a podcast out of your video. In other words, if the website has a place for video, your video can reside there.


As for what happens after your video submission, you just might be intrigued. First of all, you will notice that those who see your video will take the time to watch it. If these individuals are amongst your target audience, which they should be, youll find that the quality traffic to your site will grow. This is because those who are watching your video are doing so because they are interested in it. This means that they have an interest in your business.


Dont forget, though, that the Internet is providing you with a doorway to millions of people and these millions of people are willing to spend money on anything that will make life easier. This just shows that video marketing is a powerful tool and how having Traffic Geyser video submission software in place can make you a success.


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