Website Keyword Management

Keyword management for your website is the basis of good search engine rankings.

The bottom line is that people who use search engines to find your website, do so using words and phrases. These words and phrases that people use to search, should form the basis of your keyword strategy for your website: if the search terms that you would like to be found under aren't in your website, then you won't be found for searches using those terms. So, it is important to spend time and consider the keywords and phrases that you would like to be found with, and ensure that these are placed in your website in the correct places and amount (density).

Try this: go to Google, and refine a search phrase which produces a result list in which you'd like your website to be found. Are you there? If not, check your website: does this search phrase appear in your website at all?

You should ideally identify 3 good key phrases for each page, and use geographical targetting where relevant eg "webdesign auckland". Have these placed in your pages as follows:

- in the title tag 
- in the keywords tag 
- in the description tag 
- in the copy in your page 3 times, one each of which is in bold. It can be useful to get them all in a paragraph that is bolded at the top of the page, as in introduction to the page.

Do this for all pages with a different set of keyphrases for each page. This will give you a pool of key phrases for your website. Search engines, when they visit your website, will now record these phrases in all the right places and make them. Write them down and check a few or all of them for your position in Google