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15 Dec 2011

Different Types of Email Phishing

Simply put, email phishing is a trap that has been set to catch the receiver unawares and get access for the sender to your financial information. Most of these type of email scams are easy to recognize but every day the scammers get more and more sophisticated with the emails they send out.

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29 Nov 2011

One Way Backlinks and their Importance

When you're a webmaster you need to build 1 way backlinks to your Wordpress blog or site in order to make sure that you increase your search engine rankings. 1 way backlinks are the hardest backlinks to get because they involve the most amount of work to get, but this is why they are valuable in the search engines and highly sought after by webmasters

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01 Nov 2011

Tired Of Throwing Your Money Away On Paid Search?

Is your paid search making a profit or is a loss. There is great profit in paid search. The question is, are we the ones profiting or the search engines? Their goal is more clicks. The more people click on our ads the more money they make.

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31 Oct 2011

7 Features to look for in your web host

A web host allows you to put your websites on their servers so that people can access it. There are lots of web hosting companies around. Some have their own servers while others are resellers. Each web host provides you with different plans or packages.

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26 Oct 2011

10 Reasons Why People Don't Buy From You

1. You don't make people feel safe when they order. Remind people that they are ordering through a secure server. Tell them you won't sell their e-mail address and all their information will be kept confidential. 2. You don't make your ad copy attractive. Your ad lists features instead of benefits. The headline does not attract at your target audience. You don't list any testimonials or guarantees included in your ad.

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22 Oct 2011

Distributing Articles effectively

Having been involved with Internet marketing since 2002 I could have kicked myself when I not only discovered that most people who have been very successful on-line use article marketing as a major factor in driving traffic to their websites or blogs, but that they have been doing it for years.

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30 Sep 2011

Making Money From Content Rich Sites

Making money from a content rich niche marketing website can be very easy, very difficult or impossible. First let's define and describe what a content rich niche market website is and how it works. You won't find a list for "Niche Markets" anywhere. There isn't one.

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