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16 Jun 2012

Learning How To Bid On Keywords

It is critical to select the precise keywords for your ads. Successful marketers have learned how to do this well. It is not really that hard to do. Keyword research is the key to your success. There are other factors, apart from keywords, which will make or break your pay per click advertising campaign. A factor that should be addressed is the fact that surfers have even less attention span than consumers listening to TV ads.

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11 Aug 2011

Using "long tail" Keywords

One of the problems that come with search engine marketing is having keywords or key phrases for your website that are very common and that many websites use. Since more and more companies are becoming aware of the need for search engine optimization and are starting to use search engine marketing any company that makes a product or sells a service similar to yours might end up using the exact same keywords or key phrases that you are using.

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