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09 Aug 2012

Custom Web Design Vs. DIY

When you are setting up a web-based business, one of the first questions is: do I find someone who can do custom web designs or can I create my own web design.

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21 Aug 2011

Search Engine Marketing: Timing of SEO in the Web Design Process

If you're just starting to build your website now is the best time to start planning your search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategy. The best time to introduce the SEO planning of a website is when the site design is ready and the site is ready to be launched but there is no content yet for the site. Just before the site launches is the time to bring in an SEO consultant to provide some SEO services.

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16 Jun 2011

Getting a website: where are the costs?

So you have made the decision to have a website built for your business, but are not sure of what is involved, and where the costs lie? It can be confusing, especially if you are not particularly Internet or PC savvy: web development, web hosting, domain names, email addresses.

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01 Jun 2011

Website Planning, Design and Management

“I’ll do it myself!”, “Yes, I must update those contact details…”, “What meta tags?”. Sound familiar? What about “I don’t need a website!”? These are things you may say to yourself regarding your existing website or the thought of having a website constructed.

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